The deplorable state of Indian Railways (IR) was once again showcased by the Bangalore-Nanded train accident a couple of days back. What is more shocking is that no one has raised voice against the Railways demanding resignation of the corresponding officials. This has been the fourth of fifth  such accident this year.

A country which fought for the women rights seems to silent even when the fucked up IR time and again suffocates and chars people to death. How many rail accidents happen in other parts of the world? Fuck you IR and Fuck you Mr. Railway Minister.

Some stupid fucks (common citizens) here think that this happens all the time in India so it is not something to be focussed on. It is unimaginable horror to think what the people went through before they finally succumbed. Many of them tried to escape but the doors could not be opened. The IR justifies this by saying that the doors have been locked to prevent theft.

Why cant they put a simple system in place by which the doors can be easily opened? The last such train accident happened last year so they had ample time to learn. In that case too many bodies were found near the doors. And the most disturbing thing is that no person in power says anything about the event. They just convey their condolenses. Put them up your arse.

The real reason for the train accidents may not be known. The AP Forensic team is trying to investigate the case but I am sure their findings are as credible as the fucked up Railway officials themselves.

I hope all the people who perished on the train accident rest in peace. Hope that someday very soon such accidents due to lack of routine maintanence do not take place.