Just bought this budget tablet a couple of days back. The standard resolution tablet costs 6500.Add 450 for shipping to hyd. They did not give me the pen that I saw in some other places in the internet. Just got the two connectors – the microusb to USB (female) and the microusb to USB (male).

I had to do a factory reset to make the tablet work. From that time there is no software glitch that I could find. The factory reset was required as the software crashed repeatedly. I don’t think the hardware needs to blamed here, it was just that jelly bean had not been configured correctly.

The display is OK. If you apply the slightest pressure at the back, the finger presses are visible On the screen. However, the biggest inconvenience seems to be the battery. It takes a full 10 hrs to charge completely and it lasts for just over 3 hrs.

A pleasant surprise for me is that, tata photon + works with this device – just have to add an APN with #777. The main reason I bought this was for games and they work superbly with this device. Of course , given Its specs one expects such performance. Everything else is good enough for me.

I have looked at various places over the internet before buying this, so this small review might help somebody out there.