0) Indians consider money to be the most important thing to possess. Honesty (especially) is the most dispensible here. Always try not to be truthful if you want a “happy” life (http://toostep.com/debate/are-indians-money-obsessed).

1) People dislike each other. Honestly, they dont hate each other very often. Only every now and then. This dislike is what most people in India live with daily. They have gotten accustomed to it and they no longer really find it disturbing.

2) India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. I did not have to say that after point (0).

3) The reason why an Indian lives (can get through a typical Indian day) is because (mostly) he/she has found that some other (arbit) Indian has found the courage to do so. There is never really the question of “What I want?” and living according to that.

5) India has never been limited by resources, it is currently being severely crippled by the attitude of its people.

6) Hyderabad (the city I live in) is a total shit-hole, literally (well, OK, atleast during the rainy season when all the sewage is on the roads!).

7) Some people (especially the poor ones and some rich ones too) survive almost like pigs. One can say that these are some of the most deplorable states in which a human can live.

8) Malnutrition is comparable or worse than Sub-saharan africa. I think countries like Somalia have our rates (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malnutrition_in_India).

9) Driving: Get an expensive car. You get more respect on the road. If you have a smaller car then God be with you. Well, HE has to be there with you even if you have an costly car anyways. FACT: India has the highest number of road accidents in the world. Dont think it is because of the population: China has less (http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,5519345,00.html).

10) Very few people give a damn to whats going on around. Indians have the greatest sense of apathy in the world.

11) Indians should be the least creative in the world with a whopping 4 (or 5?) Nobel and 0 Fields medals. Yet, India invented zero and blah, blah. (Should learn something from rajini: past is past).

12) Yet, India has a great culture, tradition, India is great blah, blah. generally written by people who do not understand what they are saying. This is all one can say: India was great (a long time ago that too).