Robo is the beginning of a new genre in Indian cinema. I don’t really know what to call this genre though. Whatever it is I hope more movies like this are made.

The story itself is “inspired” from many Hollywood movies. I think the core story is based more or less on AI (Speilberg). I don’t really want to analyze similarities with any other movies so I would just blurt out what I really liked about this movie.

Is 214786 a Fibonacci number? Well, one of the researchers ask this question to the Robo and ofcourse he gives the right answer. “What is the largest prime you know” asks another and the Robo types a long list of numbers and ultimately says it is M44, where I thought M stands for the Mersenne Primes (I might be wrong though). Then, there is a paradox regarding infinite sequences of numbers (I could not understand what the exact paradox was) but the Robo answers giving reference to convergent sequences.

That was enough for me to get bowled over. I could not last remember a movie (Hollywood, Bollywood, etc), where such things were mentioned. The director has evidently done a lot of research (may be with help of some math profs).

This is not all the movie has to offer. The core story line explores the  differences between AI and humans. What is it that really differentiates a highly intelligent robot and a Human at the deepest level? I think it is consciousness itself.

It is technically possible to create a robot which cannot be differentiated from a Human. The behavior of the Robot can be reverse engineered from that of the Human. Ofcourse, the only difference would be that the Human really feels the “I” ness and the Robot does not. There is a slight message in the movie as well.

I strongly felt that this is a neat movie, without unnecessary “comedy” side tracks and all that shit. Yet, the movie has its lighter moments. This is the first time I have ever felt to write about a movie and I think this is a great movie. Hope some other indian directors follow suit and explore more scientific subjects instead of making movies with meaningless romances.

P.S. Ofcourse, 214786 is not the number that is mentioned in the movie. Did you really think I would remember the exact number?