After a lot of deliberation on the nature of happiness, I have come to understand a simple yet logical truth. If my guess is not wrong, there is a constant struggle in a person’s life to attain or achieve something. This struggle is often present in many aspects of one’s life simultaneously. The hope is that, by reaching ones dreams and ambitions, true happiness can be found. It is this pursuit that induces a sense of fear in ones mind – the fear of failure.

When such fear arises, there are two logical options :- a) Try to fight it b) Yield to it. Fighting one’s fears is the process of constantly pushing oneself above self doubt, which is extra-ordinarily difficult to do. Yielding on the other hand initially seems to be the meek person’s option, but on slight thought it can be seen to be one of the best tools for character development.

What should one yield to? Yield to the fact that one cannot be happy? No, yielding here refers to the act of giving up the pursuit of  happiness, recursively. This places the mind in an absolute equilibrium with the world.

PS: Do not try this at home!