I have been getting this weird thought many times now. It concerns our perception of death and of God.

Most of us believe(irrespective of our religion) that everything around us exists even after our death (at least for a short duration). For example, the cities of the world would continue exist (unless of course we have another world war), many known people might live for some more years etc.. If observed closely, another interpretation is also possible. It goes like this:

(“I” is the feeling that we all possess)

I only knew of the world around me after I was born. The world never existed for me before (If it did exist for me before, then I can say I was never born). From my viewpoint the world exists only because I exist. I would also go to the extent of saying that I am the sole cause of the world. There’s more: As this argument can be seen from any living or non-living being’s perspective, all of these being’s will become the sole cause of the world. Obviously such thing cannot happen as there cannot be more than one sole cause of the world. Hence all the sole causes should be equal and hence all the living begins and non-living beings are equal and hence I = YOU = GOD = everything else.